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Sunday, 23 August 2015

CHANGE IS GOOD. I just can't verbalise it all

This stupid situation, when you want to say so much yet cannot find the words. And it’s not because I want to make it sound perfect or more interesting than it is, I just can’t pull the words from my head and onto paper. Digital paper, but it doesn’t matter. And there IS lots happening in my head. Changes in life. Opportunities. Things I’ve always wanted coming my way. New stuff that I’m about to try. Abnosomely delicious feijoa tea in Coffee House which you can find around the corner wherever you are in this city. New dress and style I need to sort well with. New people, lots of them, who I am about to meet literally tomorrow. And feeling happy with myself and my life, even though it’s not perfect or trouble-free, I am learning to accept it as it is. Right now and right here is what it’s meant to be.
house block of flats blue sky new home
moving to another city alone suitcase
walking around cuty leopard sneekers streetstyle

Санкт-Петербург Питер СПб архитектура architecture
Санкт-Петербург Питер СПб кафе Укроп city archotecture
from where I stand marble staircare stairs leopard sneakers streetstyle
beautiful historic interior Питер СПб исторический интерьер
historic architecture Питер СПб Спас на крови каналsunset Питер СПб закат вечером
sunset Питер СПб закат канал Грибоедова
sunset over a canal СПб Питер закат канал Грибоедова
railway station Питер СПб московский вокзал памятник Петру
railway station Питер СПб московский вокзал памятник Петру
adorkable webcam selfie derp
what to do what to do with all of it