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Sunday, 23 August 2015

CHANGE IS GOOD. I just can't verbalise it all

This stupid situation, when you want to say so much yet cannot find the words. And it’s not because I want to make it sound perfect or more interesting than it is, I just can’t pull the words from my head and onto paper. Digital paper, but it doesn’t matter. And there IS lots happening in my head. Changes in life. Opportunities. Things I’ve always wanted coming my way. New stuff that I’m about to try. Abnosomely delicious feijoa tea in Coffee House which you can find around the corner wherever you are in this city. New dress and style I need to sort well with. New people, lots of them, who I am about to meet literally tomorrow. And feeling happy with myself and my life, even though it’s not perfect or trouble-free, I am learning to accept it as it is. Right now and right here is what it’s meant to be.
house block of flats blue sky new home
moving to another city alone suitcase
walking around cuty leopard sneekers streetstyle

Monday, 17 August 2015

MONDAY PLAYLIST #3. I am in St Petersburg now

I am sitting on my new bed, in my new room, in a new city. I have moved to St Petersburg. Code phrase "for good". I live here now. From now on I live in the city of my dreams. Wow. It's been quite a dream and I cannot seem to believe it yet. Dear St P, please be good to me. Here's my long promised Monday playlist for you, which is all about how mixed my feelings are right now. Feelings mixed, but I am pleased. I might be happy, I'm just way too tired to feel it straight. Let's see how it goes.

Friday, 7 August 2015

FILM TALK. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Kingsman The Secret Service film poster Colin Firth It's a bulldog, ain't it
It's a bulldog, ain't it?
I don't know how it happened, but I watched Kingsman the other day. I refused to watch it when everybody else did, because judging by the trailer it wasn't my jam. You know, all the hype, special effects and Colin Firth exploitation. Oh, and fights – not into those. Now why I did watch the film eventually... It may sound silly, and  it is silly of me, but I was scrolling down Evelina's instagram feed, as you do, and saw this picture of her Beautycon outfit inspired by Gazelle (a character from the film). That was when I knew the day had come. By the end of that day I had watched Kingsman, and thank you Evelina, for it turned out better than I could have expected.
If you are reading this and wondering whether or not the film is worthy – it is! It's that kind of film no one would regret watching. There are quite a few things I loved and very few details I didn't like as much and I couldn't give the film less than 8 out of 10. And I am REALLY picky with what I watch. Now let's talk about all of it more specifically and try to do so spoiler free, shall we?

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Well, long time no post, the usual. We all know it – the longer we don’t write blog posts, the harder it is to get back to it. I’m trying, believe me, I’m trying. Here’s the excuse I have (this time, an actual one): I’m moving to another city. Ta-da!
In less than two weeks I’ll be on a 14 hour train to St. Petersburg, with a suitcase, laptop and a camera, filled with hope to build a life that I’ll enjoy living. And blogging is a part of it. I have a few big and small ideas for this space of mine, but first, why move?
St. Petersburg, being the cultural capital, is impossible to forget once you’ve been there. I first visited that gorgeous city when I was 8 and I couldn’t get over it ever since. My family and I went there every summer for almost a decade and I always knew that someday I would stay there for good. And that is what’s going to happen this month. And it’s scary. And plans changed a lot. And I almost talked myself out of it once or twice. And thanks to all of the above, I know I really want to do it.
I’m not telling you all the details yet, but here are some photos I took two years ago on my last visit with my brother. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy the city!

city river Санкт-Петербург
city river Санкт-Петербург