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Saturday, 9 May 2015

MORNING MANAGEMENT: physical and mental (+ diet upd)

In the comments for the previous post of Morning Management I said "gonna post an update tomorrow". "Tomorrow" the Internet broke. Up until today. More on that HERE.
Anyway, the update is here, yasss!
Two weeks into the project and... I'll let it out there: it may NOT have been a total success, but! I have learnt a few lessons and I shall consider it a good starting point.
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First of all, I should remember to think of myself as a work in progress, especially if I want to change something about the life that I'm used to. Second of all, if I'm being honest, this whole Morning Management idea is quite a challenge: it is complex and demanding and let's not forget that humans are resistant to change and get stressed. That being said, here's the wrap up of the first two weeks.
  1. "Quit sugar". That idea was strong the first two days. Then there was zephyr. Then my auntie came to visit us for a few days, and when auntie brings sweets and chocolate biscuits and brownies and zephyr all so beautiful and delicious... you do not resist. Willpower vs. Aunt – 0:1
  2. "Last meal before 8 p.m." This is something I am honestly proud of, no struggle.
  3. "Portion control (x3)". This could been a success, however...
  4. "Cut down on tea" – didn't quite work. As I've mentioned above, I have been non-resistant to sweet things for a few days, and (don't judge me) I drank tea after meals with those. That is a very, very unhealthy and destructive habit which I developed in high school, about seven years ago, and have had an on and off relationship with since then. I'm doing better now, really.
  5. "Nutritious breakfast". Porridge + additional dried fruit worked quite well, though – aghhh – no one told me there was such thing as too many figs. Too many figs – can you imagine? I love them so much oh god.

So yeah, the Diet part of the challenge needs more commitment. However, I've also started working on the Physical and Mental part, so I'm not too harsh on myself.
The background for this part is quite a story, hope you enjoy. Kidding. I have spine arthrosis, scoliosis and inexcusably weak spine muscles, which is not cool at all! I used to attend dance classes in childhood, and when we had trainings, the most painful exercises were those for the back muscles, so 8-13 year old me thought "Screw that!" and skipped them, I guess. I am 22 now and I have to do back strengthening exercises every day... TWICE. Applause.
Being a tutor does not help with this situation, as I have to sit for several hours straight (9-5 is not even an option), and I cannot stress enough how important it is to workout, or at least do stretching and basic exercises.
Next point in the story is even more personal and concerns mental health. I think I mentioned this in previous posts, but didn't go much into details. Basically, I have social anxiety and depression. Does physical activity help with those? Hell yeah. Yes, it does. Thousand times yes and a few more. Combined with meditation it is a game changer. Proper diet and exercise are the two primary components of LIFE. Read this again in times of doubt:
eat well work out motivation
Get the full size here
Highly recommend exercising to everyone, with or without mental/physical health issues, let's all be physically active! And happy. And productive. And focused.
What's the actual plan, again?
  1. Morning workout. A full 30 minute flow with a tiny bit of cardio to jump-start the day. Just wash your face, brush dem teeth and build those muscles.
  2. Meditation. The best way to cool down, take a moment to appreciate your body (it has done a good job) and set the mind in place for the day.
  3. Go outside every day. There are days when I just sit at home and get comfortably covered with moss, either because I don't feel like going out or feel anxious about it. I'm also guilty of putting off meeting friends because of that, and it needs to stop.
  4. Go swimming twice a week. I'm still wondering why I stopped going to the swimming pool, as it was absolutely swell and relaxing and, again, good for the mind and necessary for the back.
  5. Evening stretches. Right before going to bed, for better rest.

Is that becoming a tradition to list 5 things for each week? If anything, it sounds achievable :)
By the way, according to the "3 weeks to develop a habit" rule, the official (and pretentious) finish of the project will be three weeks after the last challenge (I have four of them so far). Hopefully, by the middle of June we'll see the results.

Meanwhile I'm still working on that post where I dwell on being a night owl. Should be up soon. So very, very soon. To stay tuned, subscribe to this blog or follow on bloglovin'.
Are you into self-improvement projects as much as I am? What is your experience or do you have any advice? Let me know in the comments!