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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


My mum always asks me to make her coffee, because it tastes better when I make it for her. It got me thinking what better stands for.
Coffee is better when it’s made by someone else. The dinner is served nicer when served by someone else. The pictures look cooler when taken by someone else. Dreams are real when achieved by someone else. Life is better when lived by someone else. Are we missing something? Shouldn’t we value our own accomplishments more than that?

So I tried serving the table nicely the other day and it didn’t look like a picture from a home décor magazine, yet it looked good and it felt even better to know I made it look pretty instead of bringing a bowl of all-in-one meal to my desk and not even look at it while scrolling down my bloglovin’ feed.

Again, I love taking and editing photos. I suck at it and knowing that makes me feel bad. But putting my pics out on the internet? Boy does it feel good. So I grab my camera every once in a while, take some shots, process them and take a moment to soak in the fleeting feeling of contentment and wish for myself to do that more often, because those little accomplishments make us enjoy life and be proud of ourselves, even if only for a sec.

PS: Remember how satisfied and strong you feel after a workout or a bike-ride or dancing? You should do that more often.